Industry research reports, white papers and online resources.

Industry Research

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) provides stakeholders with prospective research and analysis on market developments with a focus on the evolution of the television and digital media industry, through a number of communication channels.
In collaboration with all other departments, the CMF’s Industry and Market Trends department also acts as an industry development unit, incubating or supporting new practices that may impact policy development, program design, or current operations of the CMF.

Industry Research outlets include:

  • Trendscape blog (43 articles published in English & French), supported by a network of blog contributors called the Watch Squad
  • InnovaTV and Crowdfunding microsites (13 updates produced in 2013-2014)
  • Research reports and white papers (13 published in 2013-2014)
  • Key Trends reports (annual and mid-term update)

Thirteen (13) research papers, studies and white papers published in 2013-2014










The Aboriginal-Screen- Based Production Sector in Review: Trends, Success Stories and the Way Forward


Aboriginal People’s Television Network, National Film Board, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Telefilm Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, National Screen Institute


June 2013


This study on the Aboriginal screen-based production sector paints a portrait of a dynamic and vibrant industry sector.


Getting Real 5


OMDC, Rogers Group of Funds


June 2013


Getting Real provides an economic overview and a comprehensive review of the issues and major environmental factors affecting the Canadian documentary industry.


ideaBOOST - Audience

Engagement Report


CFC Media Lab


July 2013


This case study explores how the first cohort of IdeaBOOST accelerator participants made use of audience engagement methods as they progressed through the program, which methods they used and with what results. In addition,

it examines significant patterns from the findings across all participating teams.


The Second Screen and Television - Production and Deployment




August 2013


The third and last opus of the white papers series on The Second Screen and Television focuses on the development and deployment of these strategies.


Keytrends Report

2013 - Are we ready for

Generation S?




September 2013


The report draws a portrait of the macro trends that are shaping today’s screen-based industries and analyses their potential impact on the Canadian TV and digital media industry.

Keytrends Report 2013 - Mid-Year Update




September 2013


This mid-year report presents the 6

talked-about phenomena or recent market developments that may accelerate or potentially shift the macro trends presented in the first report (i.e. Keytrends Report

2013 - Are we ready for Generation S).


Animation Summit

2013: Final Report for a Thriving Industry


MCCQ, SODEC,Telefilm Canada, , Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, AQPM, BCTQ, YMAMJ


October 2013


Alliance Québec Animation (AQA) launched an extensive consultation process that led

to the identification of a shared vision of the challenges faced by the Quebec animation industry, as well as possible solutions for addressing them. The final step in the process was presenting findings at the Animation Summit on April 24, 2013. This is the final report on the Animation Summit.


The Branded Entertainment Landscape


OMDC, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund


November 2013


The first White Paper of a series of three, “The Branded Entertainment Landscape,” explores the current trends in this arena and provides an introduction to the terminology and practices of the industry today.


Canadian Interactive

Industry Profile 2012


CIAIC, Cultural Human Resources Council, Canadian Heritage, and OMDC.


December 2013


Covering all Canadian regions and comprising data collected from big, medium and small companies through a national survey, this report provides an extensive view of Canada`s IDM industry.


Communautés sociales et contenu média


Regroupement des producteurs multimédia


December 2013


This paper presents concrete courses

of action to improve the performance of promotional campaigns or funding with communities active on social media.


Keytrends Report 2014

- Towards Increased





January 2014


The Keytrends Report 2014 focuses on key transformational trends and market developments that are shaping, and will continue to shape, the content production and distribution industry over the coming years. The document also sheds light on how certain phenomena are evolving and analyzes the impacts of these changes

on the television and digital media sectors. This document follows the Keytrends

Report 2013 as well as its mid-year update.

The Future of Digital Content - A France- Canada Summit


Embassy of France in Canada, Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC/CTIC)


January 2014


The France-Canada Summit brought together nearly a hundred top participants from France and Canada, including major stakeholders, policymakers and leaders, representing public and private companies as well as content support and regulatory bodies. This report summarizes the main conclusions drawn by the participants and gathers their recommendations


Case Study - The Cuban

Hat Project




January 2014


This qualitative and quantitative case study aims at measuring and understanding

the level of audience engagement, the “return of investment” for the CHP’s key stakeholders (voters, private donors and sponsors) and follow some of its trends.