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Message from the Chair

I am pleased to be reporting on behalf of the CMF Board of Directors on my inaugural year as Chair of the Board.

The Canadian audiovisual industry is part of a rapidly changing global digital economy. Audiences are consuming content in more ways than ever before. Advancements in technology and the digital revolution provide access to a plethora of content offerings unheard of as little as five years ago.

The CMF has led several initiatives to monitor the state of the industry and to track upcoming trends in order to best fulfill its mandate. During a Board planning session held in December 2013, new challenges and opportunities were examined in great detail in order to identify critical issues and to shape the CMF’s policies and programs moving forward.

The CMF took a close look at the current political landscape, the Canadian regulatory environment, and general economic conditions to factor in external issues that impact the Canadian audiovisual content industry.  Canadian Heritage, Broadcast Distribution Undertakings (BDU) and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) provided first-hand input in this regard.  Internal issues were also re-examined, including the CMF’s public image, its reputation with stakeholders and its current and anticipated resources.  A review of the previous year’s results also provided great insight into where the CMF’s programs should be headed in the near future.

A Canada-wide consultation on the CMF’s policies and programs allowed the corporation to gather valuable high-level feedback from stakeholders.  A total of 535 stakeholders attended Focus Groups in 18 cities. The CMF also held five Working Groups and an Advisory Committee. Individual meetings with different groups of interest and online consultation rounded-out this multi-tier comprehensive process.

Board members remained actively involved in the consultation process with a presence at consultation meetings, industry Working Groups and Advisory Committees. Board members also participated in several CMF-supported industry events to gather insight and intelligence on what the future holds in store for our industry.

The CMF responded to the CRTC’s call for comments on the review of the Commission’s approach to tangible benefits, which supported the Commission’s preliminary view that a proportion of tangible benefits should be directed to the CMF and other independent production funds. We also provided input for the CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV initiative to further discussions about the future of Canada’s television system.

The Canada Media Fund’s Board of Directors determined the following strategic objectives for the CMF in 2013-2014 and all actions carried out throughout the year supported these objectives.

  1. Support the creation of Canadian content for all digital audiovisual platforms
  2. Leverage funding by rewarding those who make and those who distribute successful content
  3. Foster industry innovation
  4. Ensure diversity of voices from a regional, language and point of view perspective
  5. Guide Canadian content toward a competitive global digital environment
  6. Create access and demand for, and promote Canadian content
  7. Ensure the CMF’s processes and operations meet the highest standards and are kept  current and optimal

The 2013-2014 Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the work accomplished by the corporation as well as results from our funding programs and other activities.

Looking forward, the CMF will contribute to an evaluation of the CMF Program by Canadian Heritage scheduled for next fiscal.  Feedback gathered during the fall 2013 consultation tour will shape our funding policies and we will explore new avenues that can best contribute to Canada’s success in regards to television and digital media content production. We will also continue to contribute to the CRTC’s initiative Let’s Talk TV: A Conversation with Canadians. The CMF also plans to perform a complete visioning exercise to define the potential future role of the CMF in recognition of a changing environment.

The Board recognizes the extraordinary efforts of the CMF’s management and staff  in the successful operations of the CMF. I also wish to thank the staff of our Program Administrator, Telefilm Canada, for delivering our funding with a consistent commitment to client service and operational efficiency.

On behalf of all the Board members, I would like to thank outgoing Board Chair Louis Roquet for his dedication and contribution to the CMF and welcome Chris Frank who joined the Board this year.

We also wish to express our ongoing gratitude to the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable and satellite distributors for their significant investment in Canadian production and innovation, ensuring an exceptional place in the digital future.

Alain Cousineau
Chair of the Board

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